TOSHIBA N300 3.5″ 7200 RPM NAS HDD-4TB 3 Years Replacement Warranty

Specifications for Toshiba N300 3.5″ 7200 RPM NAS HDD-10TB, 3 Years Replacement Warranty | HDWG11AEZSTA

  • Toshiba
Microless SKU
  • 82086
Shipping Dimensions
  • 10.00 cm x 14.00 cm x 2.62 cm
  • Multicolor
  • 14 x 10 x 2.62 cm
Technical Specifications
  • 3.5″
Memory capacity
  • 10TB
  • Retail
  • N300
  • ‎Toshiba
  • 7200


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Designed for NAS
By business relations with NAS manufacturers, Toshiba aware that extremely reliable hard-disks the A and O are the demands of modern data storage and retrieval-for example, when streaming as well as in the case of backups and archiving. This hard disk in multi-RAID-systems with up to 8 hard disks can be used reliably provides around the clock for the storage and access to large amounts of data by several clients.

Integrated rotation vibration sensors
Hard disks without rotation vibration sensors, the performance of a NAS system with multiple disks affect because they emit vibrations and increase. The Hard Drive Model N300 provides for reliable operation, because the vibration effect thanks to its advanced control and sensor technology is minimized. To capture multiple sensors even slightest shocks and rotation vibrations are effectively dampened. Thus, it comes in a NAS system with multiple disks not even a domino effect.

Reliable continuous operation
In small businesses or in the creative industries often have to several users can access a NAS system – not infrequently from various locations. Therefore, a high data transfer rate and a constantly open, simultaneous up and down link for NAS hard drives. The very reliable, well-scalable N300 series provides a workload rate of up to 180TB per year – this is up to three times more than the conventional desktop hard drives.

Robust and against overheating
Their robust design is one reason why the N300-series more durable than conventional hard disks. Another is the automatic adjustment of the search speed to prevent overheating and thus to improve the resistance in demanding situations.

Quick in association with other hard disks
Thanks to the 256/128MB of data buffer offers the hard disk at high access workloads by several users reliable performance and high reading speed. It is precisely in small companies and in the creative sector are the ideal solution for processing large amounts of data in multi-RAID NAS environments.

Optimized cache allocation
The Toshiba Dynamic Cache Technology, a closed cache algorithm with a built-in buffer management, optimizes the allocation of the cache when reading/writing to the real-time domains required high performance.

Robust processing which reliably delivers
For more than 50 years, Toshiba all over the world for its innovation known – and this also applies to our hard disks. Thanks to this long experience convince Toshiba hard disks in storage systems with lots of space and outstanding performance.


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